2020 Season

The 2020 season was completely over shadowed by the Covid pandemic. Before the lockdown the Ladies Ninjas played in the Surrey Slam indoor soft ball competition held at Box Hill School. They reached the final only for the competition to be suspended.

Similarly our under 13s played in the Identilam 6-a-side competition at Tandridge House School. This too was abandoned.

The Government issued instructions and the ECB distributed a pathway back to cricket.

Finally in July we were able to resume training and matches could be played.

Saturday 1st XI


Sunday XI

Ladies XI – Karen Fordree

Midweek XI

The highlight of the season was Graham Capel’s 80th birthday celebration when he selected a team with a combined age of over 800 to play a match.

Hats off to Graham
Lee Brien and Graham Capel

Newdigate Earthquakes

At the conclusion of the season the Chairman sent out this notice:

As we approach the 2nd wave at breakneck speed and a mini-lockdown imminent, it seems like Covid-19 chose to give our membership some respite in the form of cricket this season.

Apart from a couple of lost games to rain and a spurious fly ant attack, the weather did its part in providing us with a Summer to remember, in a year that most would rather forget.

Cricketers in this country are used to dealing with a delayed start, which is probably why we took to the season starting in July with such little fuss.

This is not a season’s review by any means, however without the normal forums available to offer thanks to all those involved, this seemed the most suitable option.

I would like to offer much thanks to all that have given their time and efforts to making the toughest of seasons so successful. From the committee and the coaches to the members and the colts, all of you have contributed to the excellent atmosphere around the club.

Above and beyond this, notable mentions must be given to:

John Callcut, for his continued work around all areas of the club, including organising the team of “grasshoppers” (outfield grass mowers) who also deserve thanks for their continued work (messieurs Bailey, Beale and Mumford).

Andy Major, again, for his continued work around the club, especially the preparation of the tracks.

Phil Mumford, for pulling together an expanded and protracted colts training program, which I know was a relief to so many parents, plus securing sponsorship for the colts’ shirts.

Graham Capel, for taking the helm of the Midweek team and fixtures as well as hitting a “6” on his 80th birthday (I’m not sure too many others will ever be able to claim that achievement…..certainly not me! (although I do feel 80, does that count!?!?))

Becky Chapman, my better half, who has always supported me and has undoubtedly been affected the most by the time I give to the club.

The coaches and committee members, who volunteer their time to make the club what it is. I can honestly say this is by far the most productive, positive, and genuinely fun committee I have ever sat on; thank you!

As chairman, I am afforded 3 awards to recognize the efforts of key contributors for the season, so I wanted to share these with you now:

Karen Fordree; who has gone the extra mile both on and off the pitch; the enthusiasm she has brought to the ladies’ cricket team has added a new dimension to the club; coupled with her work inside the club (physically) and on the committee, she is a credit to the club in all that she does.

Monjur Elahi; who has similarly excelled in so many areas. Bringing in extensive resources to meet our Covid-19 requirements and running an adapted “All Stars” programme (which was officially cancelled by the ECB). He has also delivered not one, but two Sunday teams on a regular basis, adding fresh blood and offering senior cricket to our youngsters coming through the ranks.

The Ranmore Crew, (messieurs Harrow, Zee Log, Grimley, Hussey, Gibbs and Tanner). Over the course of the season you may have noticed six stalwarts socially distancing themselves in front of the home changing room door. They have supported nearly all of the senior fixtures (more vocally as the game goes on), helped the club financially (in a season that could have been catastrophic to other clubs) and with their entourage, again, added to a great atmosphere. Special mention should go to Nigel Grimley, who has been supporting Karen and working behind the scenes (trying to avoid the limelight) and Bob Zee Log (not his real name!), who built and erected the wooden boundary fence, which has been a superb addition to the ground. Their efforts (cough) this season will help the club for years to come.

The connoisseurs

If you have made it this far through my ramble, thank you again for your time.

I am genuinely already looking forward to cricket in 2021.

Happy Christmas!!! (too soon?)

James Penfold -Chairman

(I promise less brackets next time!)