NETS OPEN FOR LIMITED USE BUT UNDER STRICTLY CONTROLLED CONDITIONS on the 19th May …… the following guidelines must be adhered to:

ECB00618_IG_Outdoor Facilities


ONE NET ONLY will be available for use from Tuesday 19th May.

  • Due to the guidelines put in place by the Government and the ECB, you must be a paid up member of Newdigate Cricket Club to use these nets; these are not available for use by the general public and are monitored by CCTV at all times.
  •  Joining is very simple, the cost is just £20 per household; for details on how to join, please contact James on
  • Please follow standard government guidelines at all times; do not use that facility if you or any of your household have systems of coronavirus, observe social distancing at all times, wash your hands thoroughly before and after using the facility
  • MAXIMUM two people using the nets unless everyone is from the same household.
  • 1-hour time slots will be available to be booked online, separated by a 30-minute intermission. Please adhere to these. If there are no bookings before or after yours, feel free to extend your session if you wish. Common sense is the key determinator.
  • Currently we ask that households / players book a maximum of one session a day; this is subject to review based upon usage levels. Again, please use common sense and do not pre-book multiple sessions at peak times. There is plenty of daylight for those that are keen.
  • PLEASE WIPE DOWN THE STUMPS before and after a session.
  • You must bring your own kit; NCC kit will NOT be available (unless agreed in advance) and the bowling machine will also NOT be available.
  • The clubhouse is not open, therefore there are no indoor toilet facilities available. Please bear this in mind.
  • Every NCC member is an ambassador for the club and we have the largest membership in the village; anyone who chooses not to follow these basic guidelines will have their membership suspended without compensation.
  • The committee takes this situation incredibly seriously and have allowed use of these nets under the strictest guidance of the ECB and within the government guidelines and will not hesitate to close them again if we feel these are not being adhered to.