Clubmark Documentation

PLD3.  Club Constitution
EEPM2. Child Welfare Officer Certificate – 2019

EEPM2.  Child Protection Policy 2019
PLD6. Sample Committee Meeting Minutes
PLD3. Safeguarding & Protecting Children Certificate

EEPM2. Safe Hands Certificate – 2018

WA4. Code of Conduct for Coaches_2019
WA4. ECB Coaches Code of Conduct.pdf
ID04. Adult Member Addresses
PLD2/WA4. Code of Conduct for Participants and Guests 2019
PLD6. Recruitment Form 2019
PLD6. Coaching Advertisement for 2019
PLD6. Job Description_Chairman 2019
PLD6. Job Description_Fixture Secretary 2019
PLD6. Job Description_Junior Coaches_2019
PLD6. Job Description_Junior Co-ordinator_2019
PLD6. Job Description Junior Match Manager 2019
PLD6. Job Description_Membership Secretary 2019
PLD6. Job Description_Secretary 2019
PLD6. Job Description_Treasurer 2019
PLD6. Job Description_Volunteer Co-ordinator_2019
PLD6. Job Description_Welfare Officer_2019
 PLD1. Five Year Development Plan (See Home Page of this Section)
ID05. Analysis of Roles_2019
ID05 DBS and Coaches Qualification Table – 2019
EEPM1. Emergency Procedures_2019
ID04. Junior Member Addresses
WA1. Junior Membership Form -2019
ID04. Junior Register
PLD4. Insurance Certificate 2018-19
2.3 Risk Assessment Newdigate – 2018
ID04.  UKCC2 Certificate for JC
 PLD5. Bank Statements/Accounts (Apply to Treasurer)
ID02. Coaching Programme_2019
 WA1. Adult Membership Form (See Home Page of this Section)
ID02. Typical Session Plan_Aggressive Fielding
PLD3. Inclusion & Diversity Policy 2019
WA4. Code of Conduct for Young People_2019
PLD3. The One Game Pledge_2014.doc
 WA5. Schools Partnership (See Home Page of this Section)
WA1 Junior Cricket Poster – 2019
Clubmark Certificate 2017-2020