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Working from Home – A Message from the Chairman

Dear Members,

With the requirement to “Work from Home” looking likely to be extended indefinitely, we wanted to offer the clubhouse out to our members as a potential workspace for those looking for a small conference room, a change of environment or just some peace and quiet.

This would be done at a nominal fee (to cover the cost of heating the place) and you would be required to use a Booking Systems similar to the one used for the nets this Summer.

Karen Fordree has spent a lot of time sprucing up the clubhouse over the last month, so it does make for a genuinely nice workplace, plus you would also have access to WiFi and the kettle!

You can also link a laptop to the TV and surround sound, which we have found works really well for Conference Calls (a system we are using for our own committee meetings).

We are looking into guidelines to ensure the clubhouse is kept Covid Secure, however if in principle you would be interested, please drop me a line so we have a general idea of interest.

The cost of heating the clubhouse is fairly high, so we would need a reasonable footfall to be able to run this as an ongoing concern.

Please get in touch.

James Penfold

Centurion Club – October Draw

The October draw has been held and the lucky winners are:

1st Prize – Dermot Pearce (05) £75.00, 2nd Prize – BarryWiles (60) £50.00, 3rd Prize – Jon Pritchard (73) £40.00, 4th Prize – Peter Mitchell (41) £30.00, 5th Prize – BJBJ Syndicate (88) £20.00.

Want a chance to win a cash prize and raise money for the club? Then join the Centurion Club. Contact Bill Turner on 01737 240329 or


DBS Verifier

Our DBS Verifier is Pierre Tartari. If you need a DBS or need to renew, then simply contact Pierre on 01306 887235 or the He will just need your full name, date of birth and e-mail address and he will set the process in motion.


We originally gained our accreditation in 2007. Following a detailed inspection on the 17th May 2010 the club again passed with flying colours. Three years later our paperwork was approved by the ECB in February 2013 and we had an inspection on the 8th July 2013 which we again passed. The system has now gone on-line and there has been a lengthy consultation period and as a result we were not inspected in 2016. Our documentation for re-accreditation was submitted to the ECB and gained approval. The club was inspected on the 19th May 2017 and our Clubmark status was approved for the next three years. It has recently been announced that the Clubmark system will be overhauled and as a result we will not be examined in 2020 but will just have to do a self assessed health check.