Five Year Development Plan



The Brocus, Henfold Lane, Newdigate, Surrey RH5 5AD.


2016 – 2017


  1. A brief history – highlights.
  2. Club Structure
  3. Facilities
  4. Equipment
  5. Juniors
  6. Community Involvement
  7. Five Year Plan
  8. Key Priorities

Affiliated to the Surrey County Cricket Board – Member of the East Surrey Colts League and the Fuller’s Brewery Surrey County League


A Brief History

The first recorded cricket match played by a team from Newdigate took place on Easter Monday in 1886.

The club played as a village team on their ground at Parkgate to the north of the parish until after the second world war, when they moved to the Brocus which had been purchased by the village as a memorial to those who had fallen during both world wars.

Cricket was played on Saturdays and Sundays and in the 1960s two redundant London pre-fabs were erected – one as a pavilion and one as a scout hut. During the eighties and nineties it was getting harder to raise teams and most players came from outside the village.

In 1988 a mid-week evening team was introduced which consisted mainly of local people and in 1993 a junior section was started and the club started to grow from that moment.


1886 – First recorded match

1960 – London pre-fab erected and used as a pavilion

1975 – Visit of England’s Ladies team

1980 – Pavilion brick clad and extended

1988 – Mid-week team started

1993 – Junior section started

1994 – Two lane nets installed and opened by Derek Underwood

1997 – Surrey XI play match at Newdigate as part of Martin Bicknell’s benefit

1998 – Interior of pavilion refurbished

1999 – Surrey XI return for Darren Bicknell’s benefit

1999 – Join Surrey Downs League, Tours to Somerset, Yorkshire and Menorca

2001 – A second eleven enters the league

2006 – Club featured in Cricket AM on Sky TV

2007 – Visited Estonia to play cricket on ice

2007 – Achieved Clubmark accreditation

2009 – Alec Stewart visits club as part of ‘Scrumpy Jack’ promotion

2009 – Mole Valley Sports Club of the Year

2010 – Surrey Club of the Year runners-up

2011 – First and Second XI join the Fuller’s Brewery Surrey County League.  Third XI stay in Surrey Downs League

2011 – Girls section formed

2012 – Visit of Lashings World Cricket Club

2014 – Pavilion and Scout Hut demolished

2015 – New Brocus Community Pavilion and Hall Built

2015 – Tom O’Malley from Australia becomes our first overseas player

2015 – 1st XI win Fuller’s Brewery Surrey County League Division 2 and the u9s and u13s win their respective divisions in the East Surrey Colts League

2016 – Visit of Surrey Masters to formally open the Community Building


We are affiliated to the England and Wales Cricket Board through the Surrey County Cricket Club. We are members of the Fuller’s Brewery Surrey County League and the East Surrey Colts League and work closely with Active Surrey.

We have two sides in the Fuller’s Brewery Surrey County League, a Sunday side and mid-week team playing friendlies. Depending upon numbers we play a minimum of four junior sides in the East Surrey Colts League. Our girls play in the Surrey Youth Games and various other competitions.

The Club is open to all and our membership policy states that we are ‘open to all persons, irrespective of ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs, sex, age and ability’

The club is run by a main committee which is responsible for all aspects of the club. It consists of:




Club Welfare Officer

Membership Secretary

Fixture Secretary

Junior Co-Ordinator

Social Secretary

Club Captain & Team Captains

The club also has a President and a number of Vice Presidents.

The junior section is run by the co-ordinator who looks after all coaching matters and reports to the committee.


The Brocus is owned by a registered charity called the Newdigate Community Centre and the cricket club is one of the trustees. The Newdigate Community Centre has issued a 30 year lease to the Brocus Pavilion Ltd who has similarly sublet the area to the cricket club and the scouts. The club is a registered charity (1153652)

Ground:  We have a picturesque ground which lies to the north-west of the Brocus. The outfield is maintained by club members but the square is sub-contracted out to a qualified groundsman.

 Problems – being surrounded by trees, leaf clearing is always difficult

visitation by moles

weeds in outfield

Pavilion: The club uses the brand new Brocus Pavilion and Hall during the season.

 Problems –    more storage is needed for tables and chairs that are only used occasionally

sound proofing is required

storage benches needed in changing rooms and umpire’s room

Nets: A double lane net was installed in 1994 and refurbished in 2008.

Problems – the poles to the cage are made from a lightweight material and bend.  The bowling ends are seriously worn and the batting ends have a variable bounce.


We have the following equipment:


Equipment                                                                 Condition

Auto Roller                                  Excellent – brand new in 2010

Jacobsen Tri-King Outfield Mower                    Good

Honda Mower for Square                                         Good

Billy Goat Leaf Collector                                           Poor

Rotary Mower for general use                              Poor

Scarifier                                                                               Good


Mobile Cage                                                              Netting needs replacing

Bola Bowling Machine                                               Good

Catching cradle                                                     Replaced stolen one in 2015

2 x Coaching Mats                                                       Good

Tildenet safety netting                                              Good

4 x Kwik Cricket Sets                                                  Good

U11 and U13 bats, pads etc.                                    Good

Helmets                                                     Replaced in 2016 to latest standard

Team shirts for all ages                                             Good


Full details of the junior section can be found on the website.

We generally have about 80 junior registrations plus 25 girls ranging in age from 5 – 16.

We enter teams in the East Surrey Colts League and the Surrey County cup. We have up to fifteen coaches which include two level three coaches and our player/coach ratio for the past five years has been under 5:1.

We run junior training on Friday evenings and they are arranged in age groups – Minis, u9s, u11, u13s, u16s. Under 9s are mixed, the older groups are predominantly boys only but with some strong girls included in the teams. Our girl specific training takes place on Thursday evenings.

Under the Chance to Shine Scheme we coach at the Newdigate Infants School, a number of primary schools in Dorking and we run the girls coaching scheme.


With an increase in younger members we have a safety problem and have to work diligently to separate soft and hard ball activities.

Changing attitudes with regards to commitment of older player


Cricket is an important part in the village life within the community for young and old. Training evenings are an ideal time for parents and friends to meet for a drink whilst their children are being entertained and looked after. The club is also magnet for young people to meet and play impromptu games of cricket. The local football team use the outfield for training.

We have traditionally had a close relationship with Headley Court Defence Medical Rehabilitation Unit but with its impending move to Loughborough this will come to an end.

We play a pivotal role in helping at the annual village bonfire evening.

The new Brocus Community Pavilion and Hall is used by the entire community and the cricket club is just one of a number of users which include pilates, short mat bowls, yoga and table tennis.




Objective:  Ensure that moles are removed and arrange leaf clearing throughout the winter months, arrange for autumn preparation on square and weed/worm treatment to outfield:

Cost:  –  TBA

How:  Contact local farmer to remove moles as and when necessary. Contact the Probation Service to get help with leaf clearing. Contact our groundsman to arrange autumn preparation and weed/worm eradication

When:  Annually (leaf clearing and mole eradication)


Objective:  To replace cage with heavy duty poles. Replace batting ends and use the existing batting ends for bowling.

Cost:  £16,500 + VAT

How:  Surrey Cricket Foundation has awarded us a grant of £2000, Mole Valley District Council £1000 and The Surrey County Playing Fields Association £1000.  Our application to the London Marathon Charitable Trust has been rejected. Consequently it is only possible at this stage to refurbish the batting/bowling ends. Quotes have been received from Notts Sports and Total-Play

When:  Cage – ?? ,  Batting/ Bowling Ends – 2017


To research and implement a maintenance management plan. This will incorporate volunteer working parties such as Nat West Cricket Force weekend.


Ground: Apart from general maintenance we do not expect any major costs in this area.

Equipment:          Mobile Cage – Replace netting

Cost:  £500.00 approx.

We are not requiring any further equipment.



  1. Considering our space restrictions our current numbers are ideal.
  2. We would like to see an increase in membership of the girls section.
  3. We would also like to see Coach Support Workers improving their qualification.
  4. Achieve more participation from young players who finish coaching at u16 level.
  5. Reintroduce ‘Futures Squad’ for those between ages 15-20. It lapsed in 2016.
  6. Following the success of the summer camp over the past three years repeat the process in 2017.
  7. Encourage more participation in winter training
  8. Following the success of some of our juniors who have progressed to the Surrey squads we will be encouraging this pathway.


1.(a and b) We charge £60.00 for junior membership and £35.00 for siblings. Under 7 membership is £40.00 and Membership for girls is £35.00.  In 2017 ‘All Stars’ cricket for under 8s was introduced. The cost, payable to the ECB, is £40.00 out of which the club received £5.00. Our subscriptions are  cheaper than most clubs and when including bar takings the junior section is an important profit centre for the club.

3. (c) Cost for coaching qualifications is in excess of £200.00 per person

4. (d) Encourage feedback from colts and parents regarding their expectations

6 ( f) We charge £27.50 per day or £120 per week. 2016 saw income of £2500



  1. By maintaining Chance to Shine we would expect to have a continuing flow of young people joining the club.
  2. Offering free training sessions to girls who take part in the Surrey Youth Games.
  3. This is a real problem. New coaches do not want to go on courses that do not give a formal qualification, do not allow them to conduct training sessions and net sessions on their own. The commitment to attend a UKCC2 course is too long and too expensive and does not have the right content for new coaches. Nine new coaches attended a Coach Support Workers course in April 2016 and two have taken and passed the UKCC2 course.
  4. With the demise of the 3rd XI and the NatWest T20 under 19 team a club captain has been appointed to liaise with the younger players
  5. In 2015 we started a ‘futures squad’ whereby 15-18 year olds were invited to a specialized training session on Thursday evenings. This lapsed in 2016 but should continue in 2017
  6. Encourage the overseas player to organize backed up by coaches and volunteers.
  7. The winter nets were poorly attended in 2016 so they will not  be continued in 2017. Juniors have been encouraged to attend the winter courses at Hookwood and St. Bede’s.
  8. Ensuring that the coaches put suitable applicants forward.


1. a) Annually

2.  b) Annually

3. c) ??

4.  d) Annually

5. e) 2017

6. f) August 2017

7. g) January 2017

8.h) 2017


 Centurion Club

Objective: Increase membership to 100

Cost:  – Nil

How:  Handing out forms at major events

When: Every opportunity

Brick Appeal

Objective: Increase sale of bricks

Cost:  Nil

How: So far only three weekend cricketers have contributed to this appeal – this area should be targeted.

When: Every opportunity


Objective:  Recruit an extra co-ordinator as cover

Cost:  – Nil

How:  Talking to prospective candidates

When: AGM

Overseas Player

Objective: Following the success in 2015 and 2016 an overseas player should be sought for 2017

Cost: Approx £1500 to £2000 including flight costs, agents fee and accommodation contributions.

How: Accommodation to be sourced from amongst club members.

Senior Players

Captains are under increasing pressure trying to get players to commit to playing. There are over 40 potential players on the list and sometimes more that 20 are unavailable. A survey was conducted amongst the u19 squad and their priorities were listed:  exams, finding a job, holidays and then cricket. Cricket is no longer number one priority and this is the biggest challenge to all sports clubs.

Objective: A ‘Club Captain’ has been  appointed to encourage interaction across teams with selection and support of committee meetings.








Key Priorities:


Encourage regular participation of under 25s

Improve quality of players in all XIs

Refurbish nets

Expand the summer camp and futures squad.