News 2021


April 16th and junior coaching started for the under 9s and 11s.

What a difference a day makes !!  11th April – 12th April.

6th April – The temperature has fallen and it is snowing. What are our ladies doing? They are training in the nets – a really hardy lot.


The first socially distancing adult training session took place on the 31st March. See our new catching frames.

The outfield was deep-seeded on the 30th March and the outfield is looking good.

On the 22nd/23rd, March Derek returned and harrowed the outfield to lift the moss and thatch. He then collected all the debris with a special attachment.


On the 9th March, Derek came to the ground to scarify the outfield. The day before the outfield was cut for the first time this year and the grass collected. All done in bright sunshine before storms are expected.

32 people attended the club’s ‘zoom’ AGM on the 5th March. The committee was re-elected and Graham Capel and Roger Bailey were made Vice Presidents. Bill Turner did the grand draw for the Centurion Club and James Turnbull won the jackpot of £200.  President, Andrew Major, presented his President’s award for the second year in succession to James Penfold.


Spring is in the air. On Sunday 21st February a small group of members, all socially distancing, got on with some jobs in preparation for the new season. The fencing around the square was taken down, accumulated leaves removed and the long grass cut. Leaves were removed from the bund and areas re-seeded. The nets have been partially prepared but there is still more work needed as we ran out of cable ties!

Not surprisingly the Russell Haigh Bursary has been cancelled until further notice. Due to Covid restrictions the Surrey Cricket Centre is closed.

Following all the rain the ground is now looking pretty sodden.


24th January – what a difference a few days make!

Karen Fordree took these beautiful pictures early on the 18th January.


Our entries to the Surrey Junior Cricket Championship have been accepted for 2021. We have registered the following teams (home matches in brackets). Under 9s (Saturdays), Under 11s (Mondays), Under 13s (Sundays), Under 15s (Thursdays) and the Surrey Trust Development League (Sundays pm). Our registration with All Stars Cricket has been processed.


On the 6th January Mike Atherton wrote an article in the Times about the excitement of getting a new bat. He wrote quite a long piece about the bat manufacturer Montague Odd of Sutton and showed exactly the same picture of the workshop that I put on the wall of the corridor in the pavilion. I saved up my paper round money and bought my first bat from Montague Odd – a reblade (which is behind the bar). I dropped Mike a line about my memories and I got a reply almost by return which was very nice. My Dad, Wally Callcut, along with two helpers ! ran a cricket coaching scheme at Cheam Village Warriors CC during the fifties and sixties for over a hundred youngsters of varying ages. He used to run parent’s evenings at the end of the season and invited Alec Odd with his collection of ancient cricket bats and Surrey cricketers such as David Fletcher and Arnold Long.   JC

Alec Odd (not Montague) and Arnold Long – parent’s evening 1965
Eric Carter at Montague Odd’s factory in Sutton
Wally Callcut coaching in the 1950s. JC is the only left hander