Recruitment Policy






The aim of this policy is to provide procedures to be undertaken when appointing staff and volunteers to work with Children and Young People.

(A Child or Young Person is anyone under the age of 18 engaged in any Surrey cricket activity).

The club will ensure good recruitment procedures are carried out when appointing a volunteer and / or paid staff to work with Children and or Young People by: –

  • Considering the individual’s appropriateness for the role

(this can be done by checking them against the criteria set out in appendix 2)

  • Defining the role the individual is applying for (see relevant job description)
  • Insisting that a person applying for any post of responsibility completes an application form (see appendix 1)
  • Obtaining the individual’s signed permission to enable the club to request a Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check for the individual.  (A vetting procedure is very important in determining if someone is suitable to work with children. The DBS process should only be used when a person is appointed to a post within Surrey and that post, by reference to the job, will bring the person into regular direct, personal and possibly individual contact with children. If the applicant is from outside the UK, or has lived outside the UK within the last five years, then alternative vetting procedures may be required.  Further information can be obtained from the County Welfare Officer for Surrey. If the applicant claims to already have an English Cricket Board DBS the club should ask the County Welfare Officer to verify this by accessing the County Board Management System. (CBMS) (see appendix 3 posts which require vetting)
  • Setting a probationary period (6 months for staff or long term volunteers)
  • Interviewing the individual either formally or informally
  • Assessing the individual’s experience of working with children or young people and knowledge of child protection issues.
  • Assessing the individual’s commitment to promoting good practice.

The club should consider all the information they receive via the application form, the outcome of the take of references and the English Cricket Board DBS. This information should then be considered alongside the outcome of the meeting/interview to make an informed decision as to whether or not to accept the applicant for the role the above has been selected for within the club.

  • By requesting at least two references from individuals who are not related to the applicant. One reference should be associated with the applicant’s place of work and if possible, one that demonstrates the individual has been involved in sport, particularly children’s cricket previously. Both references are to contain a statement relating to the referee’s awareness of the responsibilities of the post applied for. References will be followed up prior to any offer of appointment being made. (see appendix five Reference Form)

Post Recruitment Decisions

The club will ensure that the following action is undertaken once the volunteer has been recruited:

  • Any qualification should be substantiated e.g. requesting photocopies of relevant qualifications.
  • New volunteers are made aware and sign up to the club’s:
    1.  Child Protection Policy
    2.  Inclusion & Diversity Policy
    3. Relevant other Policies
    4. Codes of conduct for coaches / participants and guests
    5. Relevant Best Practice Guidelines
    6.  Reporting Procedures
  • Training needs are established and actioned
  • A statement of the roles and responsibilities of the new volunteer is prepared and the volunteer signs up to same
  • A period of supervision/observation or mentoring is used to support the new volunteer

Umpires and Scorers

The club will ensure good recruitment procedures when recruiting Umpires and Scorers to work with Children or Young People by: –

  • Checking that the Umpire / Scorer is qualified and is covered by relevant current insurance
  • Checking that they are a member of the ECB Officials Association
  • Checking that they have been through an appropriate recruitment process
  • Checking that they have been through the DBS Process with the ECB to check his/her suitability to work with Children in Cricket
  • Confirm that they will agree to abide by the club’s Code of Conduct for Members and Guests whilst umpiring / scoring

Overseas Criminal Record Checks

The club recognises that checks will need to be undertaken on post holders regardless of their nationality.

The club understands that different Countries have varying methods of providing background checks and that no all Countries are able to provide this service.

The club will adopt and implement the ECB’s requirements for vetting and appointment of overseas applicants who are to have a role is cricket that would normally require vetting whilst in the UK. (See appendix 4 Overseas Vetting Guidance)

(The above has been adapted and developed from ‘ ECB Guidance appointing Volunteers and or paid staff for cricket from the Club “Safe Hands” Crickets Policy for Safeguarding Children and The FA.Com Appointing Staff and Volunteers  “Child Protection Policy, Procedures and Implementation Guidance for Grassroots Football”)